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Jim Morris
These original hand-pulled prints created by Jim Morris reflect his life long interest and appreciation of the natural world. The subjects include a range of British Columbia animals and marine scenes.
Jim began his art career during his university days, having taught art and graphic design at the high school level, then progressed to ownership of Hitec Screen Printing in Courtenay where he produced and printed many original designs for corporate, school, community and personal projects.

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Bruce Alfred Tribe: Kwakwaka'wakw
Bruce Alfred was born in 1950 in Alert Bay, a remote island village on the northern coast of Vancouver Island. He apprenticed with Richard Hunt and Doug Cranmer . In 1980, he was chosen as one of the contemporary artists to be included in the exhibition, “Legacy—Tradition and Innovation in Northwest Coast Indian Art”, curated by Peter Macnair for the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria. The exhibition traveled for several years and was instrumental in highlighting the contributions made by the current generation of artists and became the flagship of the renaissance of Northwest Coast art. The catalogue (still in circulation as a book) remains as important documentation on the contemporary art form of the time. Bruce resides in Alert Bay, continuing a variety of artist works that reflect his heritage.
(courtesy of Spirit Wrestler Gallery)

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Peter Dawson Tribe: Kwakwaka'wakw
Peter is a member of the Tsawataineuk First Nation of Kingcome Inlet. Kingcome Inlet is approximately 250 miles north of Vancouver on the mainland. Today, Peter commutes back and forth from Alert Bay to Kingcome Inlet, where he designs originals and does screen printing. Peter started his basic pencil drawing at the age of four. This developed into his own original and meticulous style of art. Peter has been self-taught as an artist; he has done a number of pencil sketches, pen and ink drawings and numerous native designs on T-Shirts.
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Bill Maximick
Bill's experience of working many years on tugs, fish boats, and in remote logging camps on British Columbia's west coast impart powerful feeling and authenticity to his paintings. Bill and his wife Rena now live in Comox, British Columbia where they own Maximick Originals and Custom Framing Gallery. With Bill's own work and many commissions Bill is kept busy in the studio creating his own brand of exciting and detailed scenes.

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